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A HUGE Great Highland Hurtle Thank You

A HUGE Great Highland Hurtle Thank You to each and every one of you for your generous support of me and the Highland Rheumatology Unit (HRU).

Just in case anyone thought I wouldn’t do it, I actually did complete the cycle, all 318 miles of it. It was an amazing experience, hugely emotional and tough in parts, especially when Thurso didn’t seem to be getting any closer and I was convinced I was actually pedalling backwards!

I can’t express how much I started to dislike Highland hills that went on forever and sheep that lurked suspiciously, usually near the side of the road on a very fast descent, waiting to leap out in front of you. But the scenery was amazing, the weather clear and sunny, apart from the odd shower and windy morning, and the banter, usually around where the nearest loo was, got us all through.

Most importantly, however, you have helped to raise an amazing £4,235 for the patients of the Highland Rheumatology Unit.

The cycle started and finished at the Unit and the patients told me how excited they are about the re-decoration of their dining room and lounge, which some of the money is going to be used for. The Unit hasn’t been redecorated since it opened over ten years ago, so your support is making an enormous difference to the lives of the patients.

I’d also like to thank:
• Stoo (Snowball) for the amazing Hurtle logo, which was so well received all across the Highlands. In fact we missed a trick in not selling tops with the logo on!
• Harry and Reddy for hurtling to Ullapool at break neck speed, when they realised that they couldn’t cheer us in if we got there first.
• Rachel and Karen for cheering us into Golspie with full F1 champagne honours and bunting. I apologise to the local resident of Golspie whose car also got champagned and who nearly ran Rachel over.

And to:
Maclean Electrical and Ord Industrial Supplies for covering our accommodation costs, to Simpsons Garden Centre for hiring our support van and to all the staff and patients of the HRU, who gave us the best send off and welcome back.

I couldn’t have done any of this without you.

Julie Taylor x

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