The Highland Rheumatology Unit

Minutes of the 2nd AGM (Held on the 23rd May 2012)

Friends of the Highland Rheumatology Unit
Minutes of the 2nd AGM held on 23rd May 2012 in the Highland Rheumatology Unit at 2pm

1: Welcome & apologies
The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave apologies from Elaine Bronny, Derek MacLeod, Vicky Miller.

2: Present:
George Budge, Morag Campbell, James Campbell, Ruth Douglas-Jones, David Ford, Allison Elder, Marlene Fraser, Sheila Inglis, Barbara Reid, Avril Standfast, Michelle Stevenson.

3: Chairman’s Report
The Chairman reported that the Committee’s work, all voluntary, was appreciated and that throughout the year they had done more than what was basically required. At this stage some discussion took place about awareness-raising of the friends of HRU. NRAS had sent out invitations but there had been some confusion around membership and Leaflet distribution. A greater effort was needed to promote the work of Friends of HRU and it was noted that there had been a lack of communication with Day Patients at the Unit.

4: Secretary’s Report
The Secretary gave a comprehensive Report on the Friends of HRU’s second year of activities, outlining the growth, fundraising and events. She thanked everyone for their support which had allowed so much to be achieved.

5: Treasurer’s Report
The full report is attached. In addition, the Treasure stated that:
• The newsletter would be issued via email where possible to save costs.
• The membership renewal date would be changed when the re-run of the Leaflet is done.
• The creation of the ‘Dropbox’ is proving beneficial for committee members who live across wide areas of the Highlands.
• Items still to be purchased included, Thermal Jug for UNIT’s Physio Dept, OT materials for display/ demonstration
• The flooring in the dining-room/lounge had still to be paid at a reduced cost because of errors in laying.

6: Appointment of External Examiner
Ms Grace Broad. Agreed as last year

7: Motion to amend Constitution
Amendments were read and agreed.
Proposed by George Budge
Seconded by Barbara Reid

All unanimously in favour, the motion was passed.

8: Election of Committee
A proposal by George Budge that committee be re-elected en bloc, seconded by Allison Elder, was accepted. All in favour. Those thus re-elected are:- Michelle Stevenson, Barbara Reid, David Ford, Vicky Miller, Morag Campbell, Elaine Bronny, George Budge and Derek MacLeod.

The Money Box/Suggestion Box was shown to those present.
A question was raised about joining OSCR. This matter to be addressed by the new committee.
Jim Campbell proposed a Vote of Thanks to the committee.

The AGM closed at 3.15pm

Committee Meeting held on 23rd May 2012 following the AGM at The Highland Rheumatology Unit, Dingwall

A short meeting of the new committee was held immediately following the AGM to appoint the new Officers

These are:- Since George Budge, retiring Chairman, wished to stand down:
Chairman, Elaine Bronny although absent from the meeting had agreed to take on this role.
Vice-Chairman: Michelle Stevenson
Treasurer: Michelle Stevenson
Secretary: Barbara Reid
Minutes Secretary: Morag Campbell
Committee Members: Vicky Miller, George Budge, David Ford and Derek MacLeod.

A provisional date for the next committee meeting was set for Wednesday 25th July 2012.
Time and place to be decided.

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