The Highland Rheumatology Unit


NHS Highland suggested that the concentrated, invaluable care that is provided at the Unit could, perhaps, be provided by GPs and other community health professionals. Their resources are already fully stretched. They do not have the specialist knowledge to ensure that up-to-date treatment is given.

Excellent specialist services are usually provided in large towns and cities but here in the rural Highlands, with our challenging geography, we have a brilliant, unique service that should be cherished. NHS Highland should be praising and expanding the Unit, rather than reducing it.

The friends of HRU were set up to prevent the cuts which would severely impact upon the lives of thousands of patients. Such cuts would result in a deterioration of health rather than an improvement. They would place an increased burden on GPs and other community health professionals, which they are currently unable to meet.

We handed in the hard copy with over 6000 signatures to Nicola Sturgeon at the Scottish Parliament in February 2010, however we never know when a similar issue may arise so may need to call on you all again for support.

Rheumatology services in Highland are still under review so the fight may be long from over!

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